Managed IT Services
S3CC offers Managed IT Services. This service will provide you with a variety of options for a managed IT service for your home-business or small business.
Managed Information Technology Services
  • Data Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Green IT – helping you discover ways of savings, including rebates from your utility company
  • Paperless Office Solutions – save time and $$
  • Network Management
  • Computer & Network Security Management and Assessments
  • Systems Management (laptops/workstations/servers, including mobile devices)
  • IT Asset Management & Configuration Management
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring of your network, devices, servers, and workstations
  • Remote Management + Help Desk
  • Microsoft Security Patch Management
  • Automatic software distribution
  • Vendor Management
  • On-demand and scheduled reporting
  • Alerting and notification
  • Anti-Spam management
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware management
  • Mobile E-mail and Hosted Email Solutions
  • Unified Communications
  • Supporting Windows and Mac/Apple

The reason companies move to managed services is that most companies with information technology needs are currently operating in chaotic mode, which means that 100% of their billable technical resource time is dedicated to reactively correcting IT failures discovered by the customer (you). The result is little predictability when it comes to a technician’s time. At times, technicians in-house or consultants pushed beyond capacity and at others, they are sitting around waiting for work to come along. Operating in a break-fix service environment also means that some IT service providers only interact with customers on an emergency basis, which can create a negative experience. Under these circumstances, most clients just want their issue fixed quickly. They don’t care how it’s done or, more critically from the service provider’s perspective, who does it.” Instead of your business operating in chaotic mode or working with an IT department or consultant in chaotic mode, you can operate in reactive and proactive mode – with a managed IT Service plan. S3CC works with your company to move from chaotic to reactive and proactive modes.

  • Reactive— This level is similar to Chaotic except that service providers have some documented processes, they offer up/down monitoring and while 100% of billable technical resource time is still dedicated to correcting failures, the failures are often caught by the monitoring tool and not the customers. Reactive customers are loyal as a group but if their service provider is not delivering on expectations, they will leave.
  • Proactive— Proactive service providers differ from the first two levels in that they can predict and minimize the threat of failure, capture performance and capacity utilization information, use service level objectives to set targets, and 50-70% of billable technical resource time is dedicated to correcting failures. Their business model though still looks at time as a product. Proactive customers want value, not time.

The term “proactively managed” is one that best describes the method in which we can monitor the health and reliability of desktop computers and laptops. Not only that, we can watch the health of the overall network, including servers and all the devices that route the traffic through your network. Simply put, proactive management is a way in which we can keep an eye on all the things that matter to your computers and network, like hard drive space, security patches, Windows updates, security, and so much more. The proactive part comes in when something on a computer, laptop, server, etc., is not quite right. If a hard drive starts to fail, through S3CC’s Managed IT Services would let you know before it actually happens. So, imagine having a team working 24 hours a day, watching for potential issues, and then springing into action before a small event turns into a major event. All before you will have even noticed something wrong.

That is Managed IT Services.

Reactive response, in some cases, can seem like the opposite of proactive. Reactive response is where not everything in the network is monitored for issues or concerns, and your computer support team only springs into action when there is a problem. In reactive response mode, the computer user or users would detect an issue, and then notify the support team, to which the team would go to work to fix the issue after it has already happened. This is AFTER the problem has become big – big enough to cause downtime to the organization, which can translate into lost productivity and lost revenue. That would be because there is no system in place to monitor the network or the computers in the network, because the support team is essentially on-call. Therefore, the remote computer support or on site computer support would be called in “as-needed.”

With proactively managed IT services, you have the benefit of a fixed cost for your support. That means that you can receive unlimited monitoring and support for one fixed price, regardless of how much support your business requires. Therefore, you’re able to contain your technology costs and keep them in line. An added benefit is that while your computers and network are being monitored for technical issues and security threats 24x7x365, which means your downtime is significantly reduced. The reason is that most issues can be anticipated and resolved before they even occur. Therefore, what you have is a reduced cost for your technology combined with the increased reliability, which in turn equates to more productivity for your business.

When you look at how reactive response works, you are only paying for what you need, when you need it. Meaning that if you do not feel your company network or computers need much support, and then it would make sense to take the reactive response route. The downside to that, however, is that reactive support usually means there is downtime involved. When downtime looms, this might cost your company money in terms of lost revenues while waiting for the computer or server to be brought back online. Another thing to consider is that while you might pay for only what you need after the fact, the costs can be high because the service provider knows you need them to fix their issues, immediately, in which they would charge a high price for being in high demand.

Benefits of having Managed IT Services

  • Customer peace of mine – monitor/management on a 24x7x365 basis proactively
  • Single point of contact for all IT issues
  • Single supplier instead of multiple vendors
  • Defined Service Levels
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership for you, the client
  • Fixed Monthly Fees that fit your budget with no surprise charges
  • Data & Technology Protection
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Better uptime of IT infrastructure
  • Better control of IT Assets
  • Better/Increased employee satisfaction
  • Modern and latest Technology Solutions offerings
  • Experience a Complete, Secure, Reliable, and Full Service IT Systems Management

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