Data Protection & Backup

Why should I backup my data?

Why should I backup my data?? Does your business backup to an external drive?  or use tapes and other hardware on your server?  Do you store important data on workstations? Do you backup just your server or both server and workstations? In an article from Entrepreneur...

Top 10 reasons to use online data backup

  Security:  Depending on the service you use, your files may be encrypted before they are even transferred over the internet.  All online backup services use a secure connection, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – the same security standards used for online...

Five things you need to know about disaster preparedness

When a disaster strikes, the odds are not in your favor. Statistically, almost one-third of businesses will be affected by some sort of natural disaster.  Perhaps even more gripping, FEMA and SBA studies show that 25% to 45% of businesses do not reopen after a...

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