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Hosted Cloud Services offered by S3CC IT Consulting

What is Cloud Computing in terms of services? In layman terms, it means your services are hosted off-site.  Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 means Office applications reside or exist in the cloud and not on the computer.  You would continue to use Office like you normally do. And it would appear as if Office is installed on the computer – but it’s not on the computer – it is in the cloud.  S3CC IT Consulting also offers Google Apps Premier (read more) and Microsoft SharePoint Services – the premier document management system for any industry (read more).  You can rest assured that all data is safe since S3CC offers Online Data Storage/Backup/Protection for all your data backup needs, whether you have an appliance onsite or backup straight to the cloud.  Our latest offering is Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records consulting for hosted EMR/HER Solutions (read more).

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