Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we make every effort to answer all questions, this FAQ covers the most popular questions, but we encourage everyone to CONTACT US for detailed information

What is this whole IT Services Program about?

The entire IT Services program is just that – IT Services. S3CC IT Consulting, in effect, becomes your outsourced IT department. You get unlimited 24x7x365 support and we handle all your technology needs – small, large, or anything in-between.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Services are hosted Services. Meaning, whether you are backing up data online or using Microsoft Office 365, or Google Apps for email – it is all hosted by another company. This mean you do not need to spend $$ on costly hardware and maintain it all. All cloud services S3CC uses and sells are secure, reliable, flexible, and can save you money and time.

Do you sell computers and software?

YES. S3CC is an authorized resell for Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and many other well-known vendors. We are active members in two of the largest technology distributors in the U.S. Contact us for all your technology needs and we’ll help you find the right solutions for the right budget and need. We research various products to find you the best of the best in your budget. We also specialize in servers, networking equipment, security hardware & software, software licensing, and much more.

Tell me more about online data backup

S3CC IT Consulting partners with various vendors who provide online data backup. We do this to provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of clients. Depending on the type of data, if your organization must meet governing compliance (e.g. HIPAA), or feature set you are interested, we can meet those needs. All vendors we partner with provide the highest level of security and encryption of services, a high level of redundancy is built into the service, and some services work with on-site appliances to compliment your in-house backup solution.  Read more here as well.

What about EMR/EHR Solutions?
S3CC IT Consulting is a certified consultant for Practice Fusion EMR/EHR Solution. As the federal and state governments mandate for electronic medical and health records, the medical community is turning towards electronic solutions. We can provide an all-around solution to meet the needs of your medical practice, provide high quality consulting and training and guide your office into the EMR/EHR world. If you already use EMR/EHR (or are looking for a solution), but are looking for a lower priced, easier to use solution packed with features, please contact us and we will provide an initial consultation.

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